Consumer Alert from ABC 7 News: Unscrupulous Roofers

This video was broadcast on ABC 7 as a consumer alert about unscrupulous roofers. In the video a company was hired as a “Licensed Contractor”, only to find out they were not licensed and failed to complete the project. This resulted in severe damage to to the property owners home which could have been avoided.

Hiring a LICENSED roofing contractor is a very important decision.  It can be very costly if you do not use due diligence and choose wisely.

A licensed contractor must carry up to date Workers’ Compensation Insurance for his employees.  The contractor  should also carry liability insurance to protect your home and its contents.  This gives you, the homeowner, the protection you deserve. In this news story, even IF a licensed contractor is hired, it may have not been enough due to damage to the home’s contents.

Roofers that say they are licensed can be checked out at the State of California’s Contractors License Board to see if they possess a current license, if they are properly insured, and if they have any current actions against them.

You can check out our license on the State License Board here.