Emergency Roofer in Simi Valley, CA

Our emergency staff is only a phone call away. With our numerous field trucks and full-time employees (no sub-contractors) we can likely accommodate your emergency roofing needs right away. In the rare case of backlog, we are one of the few roofing companies in Simi Valley to offer emergency tarping services to prevent a leaky roof from destroying your property. For both emergencies and non-emergencies, Preferred Roofing of Simi Valley is always ready and happy to help with any roofing issues you may have.

Our highly trained roofing specialists have more than 30 years of experience with repair and replacement of all types of broken tiles, missing shingles, cracked flashing, rotted fascia, torn tar paper and other compromised roof components. We take pride in keeping the skills of our Simi Valley roofers the best in the business and in using only top quality long-lasting roofing materials. Your emergency roofing repair needs are never viewed as problem for us at Preferred Roofing. Call us today at (818) 787-1811.

Preferred Roofing Services for Simi Valley

  • Roof Inspection – When you reach out by phone or online to Preferred Roofing with concern about your roof, we will promptly assist you with a professional roof inspection and a free accurate estimate.
  • Roof Repairs – If you require roof repairs, your roof will be in the hands of our experts who will come out in a timely manner and won’t consider the job complete until all leaks are entirely eliminated and you are absolutely satisfied.
  • Re-Roofing – Complete roof replacement isn’t something you have to do very often but when you do, we provide the best service and the least amount of hassle. After replacing over 8,000 roofs we know how to move a project along while minimizing any disturbance to you and your family.
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I am SUPER happy with the company, their service and their employees!

Pam J., Simi Valley, CA
October 26 2017

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