Why Hire Us for your Roofing needs?

Shake Charcoal Roof on Kenya Street, Northridge, CAMaking the right decision choosing a roofing contractor is important!

I am glad you’re taking a minute to learn more about what makes us a top choice as your roofing contractor.  Choosing a roofing contractor is truly a big decision, and when a person makes the wrong choice, it can be quite costly.  Watch this video to see what ABC7 News Reporters found.  When a roof is done improperly by an unqualified roofing contractor, your costs can soar.  Damage to the inside of your home, liability for uninsured workers (an employee falling from a roof can really cost you), or a roof that needs replacing in just a few years are just some of the common problems that occur when choosing the wrong roofer.

Here are some reasons why our roofing company should be your top choice

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We are a well established company with a physical location

preferred-roofing-company-offices-in-van-nuysHaving a physical location gives you peace of mind knowing we’re here if you need us , now and throughout the life of your roof.  Also, having our own warehouse means we will most likely have anything on-hand that we need to complete your roof in a timely fashion.

We use our own employees, No sub-contractors (Very Important)

Re-Roofing contractor using nail gunMany roofing contractors use sub-contractors and freelance workers to perform the work, they just sell the work and use someone else to do the actual roofing. Homeowners will tell you, this is a BIG mistake because everyone is always pointing a finger at someone else when something goes wrong.  The chance of something going wrong is much greater — lack of control, no attention to detail, and poor workmanship are just some of the problems.

WE ONLY USE OUR OWN FULL TIME EMPLOYEES!  Why is this so important?  Because it means that we control the entire process of repairing or re-roofing your home.  We set the quality standards (which are very high), we set the cleanliness standards, the attention to details and so much more.  We control the entire process!  This also means we are the ones that are responsible, if you have any problems with your roof.  We stand behind our work with our reputation!

Full Service Roofing Contractor

We are a full service roofing company for both residential and commercial properties.  We offer expert roofing repairs, emergency roof tarping, re-roofing, new construction, hot mopping, torch down and more.  We also work with tile roofs, composition roofs and many others.

We keep our work area clean, we realize it's your home!

Large Multi-level Re-Roofing in San Fernando ValleyWe arrive at your home with our own trucks (not damaging dumpsters) and a foreman that manages the work site to make sure our employees are taking the proper steps to do the work right. We leave your home clean at the end of each day.  We also do a thorough clean up of the job site upon completion, including a magnetic sweep to pick up nails for  your family’s safety.

The Authoritative Roofing Contractor for several local TV news stories

Because of our outstanding reputation as a trustworthy and professional roofing contractor serving the Los Angeles area, San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley, Simi Valley and Santa Clarita Valley, we have been contacted by ABC7, NBC4 and Telemundo54, as well as KCAL 9 and the show Inside Addition for our expert knowledge and information on roofing issues in the news.

Over 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE with over 8,000 roof replacements

Large Luxury Home with new roof in Simi Valley” We have over 30 years of combined experience that we have used to provide quality roofing to the entire Los Angeles & Ventura County Areas”. We have been chosen by thousands of homeowners to complete their re-roofing projects.  Proudly, most of our customers come to us as referrals from friends and relatives of customers that were happy with our services and quality of our work.  We are proud of our reputation and glad to be of service to so many satisfied customers.

We use long-lasting, top quality roofing materials

Multi Level Roofing Job on Luxury Home in Conejo ValleyWhile some roofers are using the cheapest roofing materials that they can find, we refuse to do this to our customers.  When we complete a roofing project, it will protect your home for many years to come.  This is very important for the success of our company.  We have seen TOO MANY homes where a roofer completed a job only two to five years prior and the homeowner is already experiencing leaks.  We refuse to cut corners when it comes to the materials we use and the quality of work that we provide to our customers.  We want you to have the peace of mind knowing that you made the right choice– that way you will not hesitate to refer us to your friends and relatives.

Licensed AND Insured Roofing Contractor (important to you)

Click this link to visit the state of California’s Contractor’s License Bureau to see our license and insurance status License #721288.  As a licensed contractor, we make sure that all of the city, county and state building codes are followed for you.  This avoids problems later if you decide to sell your home. You can be confident that your roof is installed to code.  You will also see that we are a contractor in good standing with the State Contractors License Board. Contractors whose licenses have been revoked or expired will cause you nothing but problems.

We carry Workers’ Comp Insurance to protect our employees, as well as general liability insurance to protect your property.   We also carry the state required bond coverage.  These insurance policies are in place to help protect you as a consumer in the State of California.  Dealing with unlicensed, uninsured roofing contractors is risky for homeowners because a fall from your roof can result in significant injury to the worker on your roof, and you would most likely be held liable for those damages. We give you, the customer, the peace of mind of knowing you are fully protected while we are working on your project.

We are a City Certified Contractor -- How this benefits you...

As a “City Certified Contractor” we are allowed to perform roofing services and certify we have complied with Los Angeles Municipal Codes.  This means no unnecessary delays waiting for inspectors and faster completion times for our clients.