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Do you want to have a roof that looks great and provides full protection? If so, Preferred Roofing is the experienced Hollywood roofing company you need. During the past 30 years we’ve successfully completed over 8,000 roof replacements throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

How Can I Check My Roof for Damage?

Roof damage is sometimes easy to see and other times it isn’t. Here are several ways to begin evaluating your roof’s condition.

  1. Exterior Inspection: As you walk around the outside of your home, look up at your roof. What do you see? Missing or damaged shingles or tiles? Nails sticking out? Rotted fascia boards? Exposed tar paper? Cracked vent booting? Deteriorated flashing? If so, your roof has damage that could either be minimal or severe. Even modest damage can affect a roof’s protection abilities.
  2. Interior Inspection: Walk around your garage and attic. What do you notice? Spots where light is coming through? Roof leaks? Torn tar paper? Wet wood? Water stains? If so, these may be signs that your roof needs to be repaired or replaced.
  3. Professional Roof Evaluation: Want to see what a roofing professional has to say? Good idea! Our experienced Hollywood roofing contractors can easily let you know the extent of your roof’s damage, answer your questions, and provide a free cost estimate for roof repairs or replacement.

Ready for a Free Roofing Cost Estimate in Hollywood?

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