Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor from ABC7 News

Channel 7 ABC’s news report on choosing a roofing contractor.  The reporter interviews a few customers that have experienced poor workmanship and choose the wrong roofing companies.

They chose Preferred Roofing as a reputable roofer to interview about getting the roofing repair done right.

The news story offers advice on hiring a roofer, and the questions to ask.   This story in the news features a Woodland Hills homeowner that has been waiting weeks to get her roof repaired — that had a new roof installed only two years before and thought it would last 20 years, only to find out she choose the wrong contractor and had to redo the roof again, this can be avoided.

If you wait until the rainy season to repair your roof, you will likely be waiting longer than you want.  Quality, reputable roofing contractors book up when the rain hits.  This sometimes forces unsuspecting homeowners to choose an unlicensed roofer/contractor.  ABC7 urges patience to get your roof fixed if you wait until the rainy season — sometimes many weeks.

We offer emergency tarping service that holds off the rain entering the house until our crews can get to your home.  Simply, it’s best to get your roof inspected and repaired before 1000’s of other Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley residents are needing the same thing.